This is a notice, your notice of this has been noted.


G’day moite..

Hello, I am Kasper – VK4HKF from the Gold coast, Queensland Australia. (Around there anyway)

I’m a little¬†quiet on the air(mainly due to half my life been on the internet and I’m busy doing other things), preferring to be on the side unless something more my type comes up in the conversation or someone calls me or asked a question I know I can answer.

But don’t get me wrong I can waffle on some as well.

My home Frequency is 7020 on 40m

You can find me most times 7020 after 6PM, and Friday – Saturday (6PM – 2AM)

I hope all that was a 5 9 9 X-ray

73 to all.
88 to some.

Fresh Off The Press